Women of Ancient Persia

Persia was a power house of academic knowledge in ancient times. They were leaders in astronomy, medicine, mathematics, literature and philosophy. Throughout the millenniums of invasions and conquests, Persians have been tough enough to live through it and repel the invaders. Even during Middle Ages Persia produced the best scholars in the world in all fields of science.

Iran, commonly known as Persia in the Western world, is home to the world’s oldest civilization. Throughout the Persian history, women contributed a significant role in each era. 

The ancient Persia shows the great participation by women in all facets of life. Many cities and states of the ancient Persian Empire were ruled by them and also had their army completely under the control of women commanders.

Maternity leave for women and all expenses were paid by the state in 539BCE

The Persian were the first people in history to give men and women equal rights, abolish slavery and write the very First Human and Animal bill of rights in 538 BCE.  The fortification tablets at the Ruins Persepolis reveals that men and women were represented in identical professions and that they received equal payments as skilled laborers and that gender was not a criterion at all.

Persian Inventions